Industry Beans

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Industry Beans is a prominent and innovative Australian coffee brand, renowned for its dedication to quality, sustainability, and creativity.

Founded by brothers Trevor and Steve Simmons in 2013, Industry Beans has grown to become a key player in the Australian specialty coffee scene.

In this Coffee Expert guide, we’ll explore the story behind Industry Beans, their commitment to excellence, and the various products and services that make this brand stand out in the world of coffee.

The Story of Industry Beans

Trevor and Steve Simmons, the founders of Industry Beans, embarked on their coffee journey with a shared passion for specialty coffee and a desire to create exceptional coffee experiences. They opened their first café and roastery in Fitzroy, Melbourne, which quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to coffee and distinctive interior design.

Since its inception, Industry Beans has expanded its operations, opening additional cafés in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. The brand has also garnered numerous awards, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the Australian coffee industry.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

At the core of Industry Beans’ philosophy is a dedication to quality and sustainability. The company carefully sources its coffee beans from around the world, prioritising direct and transparent relationships with coffee producers. This approach ensures that the beans are ethically produced and that the farmers receive fair compensation for their work.

Industry Beans is also devoted to environmentally sustainable practices, both in their coffee sourcing and their daily operations. The company minimises waste and reduces its carbon footprint through responsible packaging choices and resource management.

Coffee Offerings

Industry Beans boasts a diverse range of coffee products, catering to a wide array of tastes and preferences. Their coffee offerings include:

Single Origin Coffees

Industry Beans offers an ever-changing selection of single-origin coffees, showcasing the unique flavours and characteristics of each region. These coffees are typically roasted to highlight their distinct attributes.


Industry Beans crafts carefully balanced blends that combine beans from different origins. These blends are designed to create a harmonious and satisfying coffee experience, suitable for a variety of brewing methods.


The brand also offers espresso-focused coffees, ensuring a rich, full-bodied, and well-rounded shot that’s perfect for espresso-based beverages.

Cold Brew

Industry Beans produces a ready-to-drink cold brew, offering a refreshing and convenient alternative for coffee lovers on the go.

Services and Innovation

In addition to their exceptional coffee products, Industry Beans is known for its innovative approach to coffee and customer experiences.

The company operates state-of-the-art cafés, which not only serve exceptional coffee but also feature contemporary design and an inviting atmosphere.

Industry Beans also offers a range of educational experiences for coffee enthusiasts, including workshops and tasting events. These initiatives help to foster a community of coffee lovers and deepen their understanding of specialty coffee.

For wholesale customers, Industry Beans provides support and resources, ensuring that their partners can deliver the same high-quality coffee experience in their own establishments.

Our Conclusion on Industry Beans

Industry Beans is an innovative and forward-thinking Australian coffee brand that continues to make waves in the specialty coffee scene.

With a dedication to quality, sustainability, and creativity, this company offers exceptional coffee products and services that are truly unique.

Whether you’re a casual coffee drinker or a passionate coffee aficionado, Industry Beans promises an unparalleled coffee experience that’s sure to delight your senses.